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Affordable! professional! customized just for you; Redberry Atlanta Website Design's : Bundled Website And Hosting package is the right choice for you. Sign up now to get a Free Website Evaluation and to get your project started.

  • Save Costs & Time.

    Because while most small businesses know they need a website and web hosting, few understand that you MUST optimize for high SEARCH ENGINE RANKINGS, then market and PROMOTE a website and TRACK THE RESULTS. Redberry Atlanta Website Design bundles include all elements that can guarantee a successful website, but even more so,  a successful web presence. From all the websites we have launched, Redberry Atlanta Website Design's keyword rich content marketing strategies have resulted in "top of first page" search ranking, and have enjoyed the most success.
  • Professional, affordable.

    We give you everything that you need to create a complete web presence for your company. This includes your web design, marketing, and web hosting.
      Website Design
            1. • Redberry Website Design provides you with a uniquely branded corporate identity 
            2. • Website design and layout 
            3. • Branded Color Pallet 
            4. • Logo and Graphics 
            5. • Website Banner Header 
            6. • Website Icon and Font Package 
          1. Hosting Platform
            1. • Integrated Customer Database 
            2. • Secure "Member Only" Areas 
            3. • Website Reporting 
            4. • Customer Inquiry Web Forms 
            5. • Full Blogging Platform 
            6. • Photo and Video Galleries 
            7. • Send Targeted Email Newsletters 
            8. • Lead Management 
            1. • 10 Email Addresses 
            2. • ...and much more 
          2. Marketing Strategies
            1. • Social Media Engagement  
            2. • Local Search Optimization  
            3. • Search Engine Ranking
            4. • Video Ad Spot  
  • Your company needs a professional web presence.

    Our Redberry Website Design web sites look great. Period. Why have a tacky web presence when you can have a professionally designed and implemented website. Don't make the mistake of branding your company with a website that's not effective, is dated or lacks current user technologies and not functioning to generate business, leads or promote your products and services, because it will work against you. Our team creates a layout, plans a color scheme, designs a logo, selects imagery and appropriate fonts for your text. Now you have no excuse for not having an excellent strategy behind your online business.
  • We make it easy. Now "You have people"

    We create an clear and compelling web site that depicts your company’s image in the best possible light. Redberry Atlanta Website Design's web site proposal includes everything you need to start getting results from your web site: design, search engine optimization, training, content management, web hosting, blog, marketing, and more. So when they ask how you did it...Now you can say "I have people"     

  • Why waste your valuable time?

    We do the heavy lifting. Now, you will no longer have to take time away from servicing your customers to learn how to write HTML, key word research, purchasing every new software program and gadget or even to spend your day monitoring Facebook and Twitter or creating videos to engage your social media network. We give you as a small business operator the power of our expertise to level the playing field, allowing you to compete with the big guys...We put you back in control of creating lasting success!

  • Why hire Redberry Website Design?

    We develop a strategic marketing approach, plan your internet campaigns, plan the creativity, build the ideas, maintain them, analyze results and handle every action in between. Redberry Website Design is a full service web presence agency built out of a passion for making our clients the best that they can be. Redberry Atlanta Website Design's services is all about providing a comprehensive solution for small businesses. 
  • We are not a template mill nor are we driven by self promotion. We do not believe in the me, me, me marketing that a lot of folks practice in the online social media marketing space. We are small, but we are equally very high touch. We care too much about getting it right to worry about fads. The work matters to us and we are not strangers to working hard for our clients. We do the heavy lifting so that you can do your core business. Our folks don't fit the mold; we are creating our own way each day. We're thinkers driven by action. We are what every small business owner needs to compete. 
  • Our agency specializes in research, discovery, action, and implementation. We are not trying to change you only shine a bright light on your positive features. Like any lover of art would, we are bringing to bear the creativity; technology and strategic marketing supported by a world class platform all delivered in a complete partnership driven online business solution. 
  • Why complete multiple projects?

    The time, logistics, and expense of contracting multiple vendors to complete your company's online presence can be overwhelming and budget busting for most small businesses.  Redberry's bundled website design, marketing and hosting package is completed as one project, with one competitively low price. Bundling all of your services saves you money and is convenient. By combining web services into one project,  Redberry's website design, marketing and hosting service passes on bundled deals at a considerable discount as compared to the contracting of individual companies and individual services.  Bundled website, marketing and hosting, the superior choice for small businesses.

  • Keep it topical, Keep it fresh and updated!

    Redberry Atlanta Website Design's service does not end with the launch of your new online business…so, don't forget the ongoing comprehensive maintenance that keeps your strategy fresh daily. Extended Maintenance that includes active management of your online Social Media and Content Marketing. Our Extended Maintenance service is structured so that we do the heavy lifting for you so that you can concentrate on your core business.

  • Let’s discuss your project requirements.

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