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Strategies for Boosting your Online Visibility Using Video & Top 10 Video Sharing Sites


What to Look for in a Video Share Website.

There are currently over 50 video share websites on the Internet and the number continues to grow. Most of these websites offer free memberships.The team over at have scoured the web for the very best video share websites—so after reading about the advantages and disadvantages each has; you may want to try a few sites before choosing one. Below are the criteria TopTenREVIEWS used to evaluate video share websites.

 Audience Features Video share websites should have features that make searching and viewing videos enjoyable. These features may include a search box, the ability to search by category, screenshot previews of the videos, a short description of the content, user submitted video ratings and other items that enhance the viewing experience.

 Producer Features The best video hosting sites offer resources for those who produce and post videos. The site may offer video creation tools, educational resources and the ability to add a description and select whether the video is public or private. Content This is one of the most important aspects of video sharing sites and the reason we visit them. The best sites have a large library of good content. The content should be regulated, and not include copyrighted, pornographic, racist or violent movies; or movies that offend human dignity, are contrary to decency or endanger youth.(Note: Though many movie share sites have strict content policies, occasionally movies that contain questionable material are posted. Ease of Use Video share sites should be easy to navigate and use with organized categories and a search box. The videos should load and play quickly without buffering delays. Help/Support Though video share sites are free, they should still include first–class help and support through FAQs, user guides, customer service by email or phone, and ideally, a user forum.

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