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We take an organic approach to optimizing your site for high search engine rankings and increasing your findability. We know that there are many schools of thought on SEO or Search Engine Optimization, but ours is simple. By providing your audience a content rich experience on your website, your ranking is naturally increased.

 This is the natural or algorithmic approach that yields real results as it works with the Search Engines and does not result in ranking penalization for deceptive tactics. Your site structure and content management (CMS) is fully Search Engine Optimized, with Search Engine Marketing (SEM) best practices applied to all of your content before it is delivered to you.

 Redberry Designs partners with you to make sure that the findability of your online business is pushed up in the search engine ranking as far as we can possibly get you. If someone does a Google search for your product, and they don’t see your name in the results then you don't exist. If they only find references to you on 3rd party sites but not your site...then you do not own your traffic. If you don't own your traffic, you don't own your online business.

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Redberry Designs' SEO Strategy

You won't get just a website filled with pretty pictures that no one can find from us. Instead, you'll get unique SEO strategies that produce high quality leads, over and over again. That's because we base your search engine optimization plan on real research based on the most searched keywords and phrases for your niche . In reality, our SEO experts Research, Optimize, Track and Adjust. So if you need to gain results from your investment in a website...You know that your ultimate goal is for your website is to generates sales, leads and other contacts with your prospects, then you need more that just a website, you need the Redberry Website Design's Pro Bundled Website, Marketing and Hosting package. It gives the established business everything that you need to raise your profile, open up new markets, and remain competitive all at "one low price" "one comprehensive project" " six major online marketing strategies conquered" .

Phase I: Discovery -Research – Analysis:

We start with a search engine and website audit report. Solid through research is critical to ensuring a strong search engine marketing and optimization strategy. We start out with the discovery gained from our initial consultation which encompassed a comprehensive review of your business to get a better understanding of your customers, your current market position, and a clear understand of your vision and to gain insight into your website and branding needs. We then compare and evaluate competitors, your online market, and your current website. In addition, we thoroughly evaluate the best keywords and phrases pertaining to your website and market. Then from the information gained from the market research we move to creating your top 10 keywords, developing keyword phrases, assets for copy, imagery, audio and video communication of your message and crafting the actual website. keyword strategy, content, technology needed, usability, competition, etc.

Phase II: Optimization:

We follow the optimization strategy we developed in phase II, This of course, is all done in a professional manner with absolutely no attempt to "trick" the search engines into thinking your website is something it's not. We believe that Search Engine Optimization is more about optimizing for the people that will use your site (your customers), than it is about optimizing for the search engines' algorithms. At Redberry Website Design we are content marketers. A content marketing strategy subscribes to the notion that delivering high-quality, relevant and valuable information to prospects and customers drives profitable consumer action. Content marketing has benefits in terms of retaining reader attention and improving brand loyalty. We believe that it has a profound effect on the effectiveness and quality of the Internet experience as a whole. Higher-quality, relevant and valuable content positively impacts us all.

Phase III: Statics and Adjustments:

Why Bundle Web Services?

So we know that you may not completely understand why Search Engine Optimization is so important. But we do understand that you as a small business owner must b confident that every dollar you spend to invest in your business shows real results, so we specialize in bring the small business a professional, complete and optimized web presence...with our bundled packages.

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