Micro Sites

A micro site is a single to four page marketing website, designed with only "one result" in mind... To create a lead or make a sale!

If you're running a new marketing campaign, a mini site or microsite is a great way to get your message across online and drive traffic through to your main website. Many small business owners need an effective way to get online and generate leads for their business. Micro-sites can also be an excellent way to enhance SEO performance.

There are many uses for a micro site. You can test a new market before you go into a full scale web presence and tell customers about your business. The site should provide a contact or inquiry form, your customer FAQ's, directions and accepted payment methods. A micro site is also an ideal spot to showcase key products, services or previous projects as well as to display photos and videos of your products and services. The micro site may include testimonials and downloadable forms, pdf's and pricing sheets. The micro site will normally include social media bookmarking so you can easily share your articles and business listings with customers and friends

Why Do They Work?

Micro sites work because they offer visitors a structured, easy to follow way of viewing what you have to offer. When a website is structured this way it allows your visitors to quickly learn about your products and services and decide whether they wish to take it further.

In essence, a micro site allows for more targeted online visitors to be attracted to your business and hence better quality leads as a result! Let Redberry Designs develop and implement your micro sites.

Single page layout with header, body, sidebar and footer. Includes up to 4 images, 4 links, and basic 4 item navigation bar. $299.00

4 page basic layout consisting of a main page and 3 other full pages each with header, body, sidebar and footer. Includes up to 10 images, 10 links, and basic 4 item navigation bar. $485.00

4 page upgraded layout consisting of a main page and 3 other full pages each with header, body with a maximum of 2 divisions, sidebar and footer. Includes up to 14 images, 14 links, and basic 4 item navigation bar plus page level sub navigation links. $685.00

Add On Services - Create an impact and rise to the top

Additional Website pages
Extended Maintenance services for 5, 15 or 20 hours per month.
Promotional Video Production
Online Branding, local search optimization and Social media marketing

Blog with starter post
Bookings Module - Allow customers to book into your events

Custom Email and/or Ad Template
SEO Keyword Research
SEO Website Content copywriting Optimization
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Hosting is not included in these prices...click here to view our current monthly hosting rates, a minimum twelve month commitment is required on all hosting services.

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