Do You Know What Your True Brand is?

Our fully integrated database works through multiple levels of your business automating several aspects of your workflow and process. The team here at Redberry Designs is proud to be able to bring this platform to small businesses. We understand your challenges as a small operator, because we deal with the same obstacles in making sure that our customer service quality does not suffer. Because we are a small operator, we want to remain competitive.

We know that your true brand is not the pretty images; it's not the color palette... Do you know what your true brand is? It is your service level! Your brand equity, the quality of service that the people who have had interactions with you and built a relationship with you and have come to expect over the years...

 The Integrated Branding and Marketing Strategy is really what sets Redberry Designs apart from the pack... We give you the tools to build a community, build customer loyalty, and automate your customer service. Even more importantly, it is a customer relationship management solution.

Our team is providing tools and a plan to support, reinforce and back-up that brand equity!

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