What’s The Best Online Marketing Approach for Your Small Business?

Did you know that there is a marketing approach that is naturally well suited for your small business and/or organization that works within a "niche" by taking advantage of the most common characteristics of your small business? -

“You are experts on specific subjects”

“You have a loyal base of satisfied customers, who genuinely like and trust you”

“Your size...you are small and because of that you are accessible to your customers.”

“Your customers may even be relatives, friends, and neighbors with whom you have a real stake in your community”

Also did you know that by interacting with your network (community at large), being accessible to them online, providing valuable resources, tips, and information on and about the one thing that you and your company do best via social media sites is called "Conversational Marketing"?

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Well, first of all, it is a marketing approach that is both organically and uniquely well suited to individuals, entrepreneurs, small to mid size businesses and organizations.

It is all about spreading your message via online social media sites.

With smaller organizations, any approach needs to be an affordable approach. This one is both affordable and powerful with real measurable outcomes. Now the real benefit of this approach lies in giving. When we get right down to it, you most likely started your business and nurtured it to success because you knew that you had something to give that would be helpful, educational, entertaining and/or relevant (timely) to someone else. 

So you did not give up on your dreams, no matter how many countless setbacks that you had because of the next factor of this marketing approach...

it is smart and requires planning, strategy and consistency. Last, but not least, conversational marketing is very specific and targeted to your ideal clients, it is all about working with the known and based in a common since approach.

You need to start this process asking:

"Who are they, really?", "what do they really want?", "How can I help, educate and entertain them?"

Conversational Marketing is...

  • Uniquely well suited to
    small businesses
  • Marketing via online social media sites
  • Affordable and powerful with real measurable outcomes
  • Helpful, educational, entertaining, relevant (timely)
  • Smart and requires planning and strategy
  • Very specific and targeted to your ideal clients

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Conversational Marketing is not...

  • Not a substitute for high quality products and services
  • Marketing through interrupting
  • About driving streams of unqualified traffic to your website
  • Accumulation marketing
  • Overly generalized
  • Ego-driven (Me, Me, Me marketing) - Gimmicks - "get anything quick" schemes

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