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Content Marketing and Small Businesses Win with Google's Latest Algorithm 'Panda'

by Jannice Almansur -

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This is great news for small businesses and content marketers.  The team here at Redberry Website Design have been praising the value and benefits for small businesses to develop and implement a consistent high quality content marketing strategy.  

We have repeatedly sang the praises of content marketing as being uniquely well suited to small businesses because it is budget friendly - does not take a large investment. In fact, many techniques are DIY; It also removes barriers between you and your community and is shared with friends, family, relatives, colleagues (your community). Being an expert resource within a niche (you do one thing and you do it well) meas that you have many great tips, insights and strategies to give to your prospective clients and existing customers.  

Taking the steps to create, share and promote this information through your website's blog and other social media sites is the essence of content marketing and now Google is rewarding your efforts with higher authority search results. Take a moment to read this article below that I found today on  The author has done a good job explaining exactly what the changes to the Google algorithm mean to all small businesses.

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Small business Continues to Embrace Social Media

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