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Its all about the 4Cs Content Part 1

by Jannice Almansur -

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The website is the center of your branding, marketing and advertising activities, with your social media, product packaging, and sales promotional pages acting as reflections of your brand.  Your site is where you direct customers, partners and prospects to give them an introduction to you, your services and products and the standards of quality and service they can expect from your relationship.

It's all about the 4C's...Content - Credibility - Conversion - Customer, so let's take a closer look at the first C - Content.

This is one of my favorite sections of the valuable 4C's conversation, because if you do not get anything else out of it you need to get this part!

The truth about the web - If you are not really ready to brand yourself properly on the Internet then it is probably better that you stay off of it until you are ready to do it right because...

A professionally branded website needs to tie in and integrate seamlessly with your business growth and marketing goals.  Because as I have told my clients many times before you, your products and your services are your true brand, you need to be diligent not to muddy and ruin your brand by putting yourself and your business out on the web improperly.

Redberry Designs provides our clients with websites that are fully integrated on the right business platform to contribute to their success... It's All About the 4C's... The 4C's explain how your website should work with your business and if it does not, then you really should not be doing it at all...

It needs to be...Fresh and Updated

It needs to have a...Clear Message

It needs to be...Creditable

The web is a visual medium!!

We have all universally had this experience...and so have your potential prospects.

You land on a website of someone or something that you are trying to learn more about either to purchase a product, service or get information from an expert.

First impressions - when you land on the page if it does not look right, not quite laid out right, graphics are off, unprofessional, not clean, crisp or clear...You get a negative gut reaction from the visual messages that this site conveys...

Now imagine for a moment that this is your site that we just landed on from our search that triggers thoughts of "red flags", or "questions of legitimacy", "lack of credibility" or even "questions of integrity"....Now what do you think this person's reaction will be?  Yes, you are right first if you said that "you have lost every opportunity to ever do any business with this customer forever." They will leave quickly and never return and might even advise their friends and colleagues of the same.

Anyway who could blame them for that reaction, because unfortunately there are a lot of shady people in this online "playground".  So the take-away here is that you need to make sure whatever you are putting out there as your content is well branded and lends to your credibility. You want to be sure that those prospects and customers that land on your site have the instant feeling that "Yes, I am in the right place! I found the right people to help me"... Oh and of course you reinforce this when they call you by providing your consistently great customer service.... So you have a vision for your future, but is that vision infused into your website as well your online business strategy? Well it should be!  Website design begins with great content and ends with satisfied customers.

  • Win #1 Good content addresses your customers’ information needs!
    • Many people still believe that building a website is a static medium. That you just put it out there then forget it. But the truth and what they are missing is that 90+ percent of the web users of today are searching for content.  Whether it is to make a buying decision, to get information on a specific topic that they find of interest, or just to be entertained, they are looking for good, fresh and valuable content.
  • Win #2 Search engines and "Social Media Mavens" love fresh, high quality content.
    • This is all about helping your Search Engine Ranking efforts. It is true that the search engines will "crawl" your site again and again devouring fresh high quality content. And the same can be said about "Social Media Mavens".  They are that set of Internet users who have not touched a "phone book" or "Yellow-Pages business listings book" in years and may not even know what I am referring to as a business listings book.
    • Win #3 achieving the first two wins ensure you own your traffic. "If you don’t own your traffic, you don’t own your online business."

What does owning your traffic really mean?  

Well, owning your traffic means that through a combination of things like your articles and blog postings, content from your social media sites and email newsletters, you are putting out valuable free content to your audience that establishes your business as a credible authority.

Giving things like for example

ü  "How-tos"

ü  Product Reviews

ü  Latest Tips

ü  History-Of

ü  Customer Interviews

 For an example we had a client who had been a lingerie buyer for many years for a major retail chain.  She had started a lingerie business selling out of her home to her friends, was ready to take her business to the next level.  She approached us to design a lingerie site for her. In our process of developing her branding and marketing strategy we suggested that she provide her online customers with how-to articles and post on a blog from her site.  This turned out to be a really big win for her that she had not really thought of before.  By putting out how-to information for mothers in a certain age group who may have teen and pre-teen daughters who are buying certain types of lingerie for the first time and giving them information on how to determine the proper bra fit and what styles of undergarment are best paired with what clothing to achieve popular looks. This is just an example of the types of information that you can provide that set you up as a creditable authority within your field.

Tying social media pages into website content strategy 

Here are my top three tips on the best way to make your social media sites work with your website and overall online marketing strategy.  This is what we have found works with all of our customers regardless of the industry, product or service that they are offering.

Tip#1: It's all about "Building a Community" and keeping them engaged!

The website tools of a well developed online community strategy are...

ü  Blogs

ü  Forums

ü  Journals

ü  Comments sections

ü  FAQs

ü  Newsletters

ü  Secure Zones

ü  Podcasts

ü  Videos

Use these tools to make it social! Don't let your business be left behind. Keep your audience up to date on your business, trends in your services, new developments, how to tricks and tips and industry updates.

Tip#2: Take advantage of the whole social media revolution going on in the web today!

Create a space for you to engage your audience where they are spending an increasing amount of their time with the things, people and places that are important in their lives.

If you have not already done so...Create a Facebook page today and use it.  Let me give you something to think about.

Facebook is a social networking website launched in February 2004

The website currently has more than 400 million active users worldwide.

Tip#3:Always lead them back home. 

Yes engage them where they are, but make sure that you are leading them back home (to your website).  Remember that owning your traffic means that you own your online business. Simply put, use your social media sites and really any external website as a tool to drive traffic back to you own website. The Redberry Designs hosting solution has a powerful blog and forum built right into our platform.  This allows our clients to keep all the search engine optimization (SEO) created from posting on the blog and forums on their site.  So we advise our clients to post a great article on their blog, and then share the link to that article to their social media sites.  That way when someone engages to post they are led back to the website; where you have an opportunity for them to see all of your products and services in a single visit, so now you own your own traffic.

So to sum it all up, when we are talking about great content it is the combination of using your articles and blog posts, your content from your social media sites, and email newsletters in a way that keeps you fresh and top of mind, keeps your relevant with what is actually going on the world at large.

It is all about content that starts with you giving them resources! Just keep in mind that it is not marketing through interruption, it is about providing value and don't be afraid to promote others who have valuable information that your audience will appreciate knowing about.  Content sharing is a great opportunity to showcase other great vendors, because you are only as good as your resources, if you have great contacts with other businesses that offer services that compliment and partner well with yours and your audiences needs, it is a great win for you and them!

Just keep this in mind...

The original assumptions that Online Business Goals and Brand Strategies can be developed after success is achieved are no longer valid; due to the size and complexity of the marketplace.  The business model of today requires that even small operators implement coherent future minded online and branding standards in order to achieve any level of sustainable success.

About the Author: Jannice Boyd Almansur is CEO and Managing Director of Redberry Services and Redberry Designs. Redberry is an Agency that offers Branding, Website Development and Hosting Solutions and a full portfolio of business conversational marketing and brand identity solutions for small businesses. To learn more and to download FREE business tools and articles, as well as join their mailing list, visit the Redberry Services or Redberry Designs website at You may print this article for personal use or republish it online only if it is left unaltered and in its entirety, including bylines, links and author information. Contact the author for all other permissions.

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