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Qualities of A Great About Page for Your Blog

by Jannice Almansur -

1. Has your truly unique personality all over it

2. Tells your story in an engaging way

3. Accurately sets your readers expectations

Your “About” page should highlight your distinct personality, share a quick story or two about yourself and what readers can expect in the future from your updates.

What is an “About Page”?

An ”About Page” is a single page of the blog devoted to telling  readers a little bit about yourself and the topics you’ll be covering on your blog.

Your “About Page” gives readers a contextual reference point and quickly tells them if this a topic that they will enjoy learning more and engaging with you on. This way readers make a choice to participate or not.

The key is finding your voice! When you tell your story you also need to bring the reader along.  Just think about it this way.  The stories that really get your attention are those told in an interesting way.  This can be challenging when writing, but through the use of vividly robust words and descriptions you can make your stories come alive and resonate with the reader.

Share your back-story!

Your readers will appreciate learning about why you took to blogging in the first place. So don’t hold back tell your unique story and let them see behind the curtain.

Happy Blogging!

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