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Effective Video Promo Spots for your Small Business by Redberry Website Design

by Shafik Mansur

As part of Redberry Website Design's bundled website, marketing and hosting packages, we create a branded video to promote your business. These may involve onsite video shoots or we may simply use client provided images and audio depending on the package that you choose. Here is an example of a recent video that was produced by Redberry Website Design for Curtain Call Unlimited, Inc. and Juanita Richburg Seon. Curtain Call Unlimited, Inc. is a non-profit organization that serves to educate young people about Essential Media Literacy and Media Education Concepts. Curtain Call Unlimited, Inc.specializes in personal enrichment and media literacy training as well as providing outlets for the creativeness of the young people who receive the training.

Tell your compelling story, quickly and relevantly! Video is an excellent way to communicate your message in a dynamic interactive way. Web Video is an excellent way to deliver your message, make a great impression and is one of the most effective methods of communicating your business essentials. Online video adds a new dimension to content marketing enhancing your website by making it effective and competitive. 

Redberry Website Design produced this video promo for Orlando Podiatric Surgeon Gary W. Chessman DPM, FACFAS as part of the website and online marketing project for

For Sheila Simms Watson, Licensed Midwife at Spirit of Life Traditional Midwifery, Redberry Website Design created a promotional video that introduces this beloved Miami Midwife using a biographical approach with Sheila Simms Watson telling her personal story of how she became a midwife and what the art and tradition of midwifery means to her. This video has had over 2,300 views to date. 

Here are 5 excellent ways to promote your business using video!

Record customer testimonials -

on videos and upload them to YouTube. Then tweet about these videos, or mention them on Facebook, to get people to see them. .

Create videos to answer

your customersā€Ÿ most frequently asked questions, including questions they should ask but possibly don't know to ask.

Does your company adhere to some painstaking quality control standards?

Show these extra steps on video. Even if your competitors follow the same processes, you will come to “own” the quality control standards with your videos.

The rule of thumb is

that when people see the steps you take to make a quality product, they place a higher value on it.

Demonstrate how your product is used.

Show it in action, show how easy it is to use or how it solves a problem. Don’t assume your customers already know all this.

Whether its subtly blended into your web pages, stand alone clips or a branded YouTube page, Redberry Designs video production team can help you make an impact. We film, edit and create fast downloading flash web video for websites.

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