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Easy Steps to Setting Up and Using Windows Live Writer to Post to Your Redberry Website Design Platform Blog.

by Jannice Almansur -

Using Windows Live Writer to post on the fly to your blog on the Redberry Website Design Blogging platform is a snap.  Just follow these easy steps to first download Windows Live Writer then connect to your blog on the platform.

Step: 1 Download and Install Windows Live Writer

Be patient the download will take about 5 or more minutes.

Once the program completes it will auto launch.  It will ask you to create a Hotmail account.  Just follow the steps and the system will create the account for you.  Once you have your account allow the install to complete. You will have to close and re-launch Outlook.

Step: 2 Create a Hotmail Account and Launch Windows Live Writer

If the program does not launch automatically or take you to the set-up simply select your windows explorer (Short cut= Windows Key+E

In the search bar type “windows live writer” and the program will be found. Select it to launch the program.

Because you already have a blog as part of your website on the Redberry Website Design platform you click Add blog account, and then follow the steps to set up your blog in Writer.

(This is the link to how to connect to the your blog on our system with windows live writer)

Step: 3 Set-up Your Redberry Website Design Platform Blog

Using Windows Live Writer for Blogs



  • 1 Configuring The Blog Account
  • 2 Configuring FTP for Image Uploads
  • 3 Working With Blog Posts
    • 3.1 Opening, Editing and Deleting Posts
    • 3.2 Creating A New Post
    • 3.3 Draft and Published Posts
    • 4 Supported API Capabilities


The system uses the Metaweblog API, allowing you to use a variety of third-party blogging clients to control your blog externally.
Configuring The Blog Account
Step 1: Select The Blog Service

Make sure you have your credentials for your an existing blog created in the Admin.

You will need the following Items:

  • remote posting URL for your blog to be added to this (
  • username and password you use to login to the Admin Console
  • root URL of your website
  • FTP Host Details: FTP hostname: and FTP host Username:

If it's your first time running Live Writer, it will automatically prompt you to create a new blog account, otherwise, open Windows Live Writer and select "Create new Blog Account."

The first window you should see will ask you which blog service you are using. Select "Other Blog Service" and click "Next"

Step 2: Enter Your Blog Details

Enter the web address of the blog, followed by the username and password you use to login to the Admin Console.

This is the web address of your blog: It should look something like this…

If you do not have this information you can contact Me or Shafik or pull up your blog in your browser and copy the full address.  Make sure that you copy the main blog address not the address of a post or secondary page. 

Your Username and password are the same as what you use to log-in to your website admin area. If you do not have those use the link above to contact us.

If you'd like Live Writer to remember your password, click "Remember Password."

Click "Next"

Step 3: Select The MetaWeblog API

Under "Select Blog Type", choose the "MetaWeblog API" and enter the following URL, substituting "" with the root URL of your website.

Enter this in the

Remote posting URL for your blog


Click "Next"

Step 4: Do Not Load Blog Theme

Our Blog API does not yet support previewing of themes/templates.

When asked if you'd like Live Writer to detect your blog theme and create a temporary post, click "No"

Step 5: Assign A Blog Nickname - You're Finished

If you'd like to assign a blog nickname that will only appear in Live Writer, enter it here.

Click "Finish" and you're done.

Configuring FTP for Image Uploads

Live Writer can automatically resize, upload via FTP and then embed images in your blog posts. To set this up, go Blogs > Edit Blog Settings and then select the "Pictures" tab from the left.

Step 1: Select “Upload pictures to an FTP server” then click “Configure FTP…”

Step 2: Enter your FTP details as you would for any regular FTP client.

Under “Publish pictures into this folder”, type /blogimages - this will be the directory in which embedded images will be stored.

Provide the absolute URL of this directory under “URL of picture publishing folder”, ie.

Step 3: Now, when you click "Insert Picture" from the Live Writer interface and insert an image from your local machine, this image will automatically be uploaded via FTP and embedded in the blog post upon publishing.

Step 4: Working With Blog Posts

Opening, Editing and Deleting Posts

Go File > Open, then select the name of your blog from the left sidebar to see a list of all existing blog posts.

From here, you can open, edit and delete existing posts.

Creating A New Post

To create a new post, go File >> New Post.

Draft and Published Posts

Save as draft: If you'd like to save a draft of your blog post in the system to work on at a later date, simply click "Post Draft To Blog" from the "Save Draft" drop-down menu.

This will store the draft blog post in the system, but set the release year to 9999 so it is not displayed on the live blog.

Clicking "Publish" will set the release date to the current day, making it live.

Publish (makes post live): Clicking "Publish" will make the current post live on the front end of your blog.

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