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A challenge to all business owners.

by Shafik Mansur

I came across a blog post today that was reflecting on the increased competition for your customer or prospects' attention that was the subject of a recent post by Jay Baer. Jay’s premise is that through channels like e-mail marketing and social media, we now compete with everybody, even globally. He states that "consumer interactions with companies are jumbled together like a real-time gumbo" and to be heard and recognized, we have to be mindful of the quality of each email and status update. 

We also have to strive to convey our unique brand differentiation. To know and communicate what sets us apart from our competition.

For your company, can you complete this sentence: "Only we … "?

This is a challenge, and it is obvious that if you cannot, you’re likely destined to a lifetime of competing based on gimmicks, coupons and shouting louder than the other guy.

However, if you can find that wisdom, the social web will allow you to amplify that message and tell your story in a remarkable and exciting way.

unique species of orchid, in the tropical rain forests of Papua New Guinea.So with that in mind, Jannice and I sat down to really define succinctly and effectively what makes Redberry Website Designs different from the competition. After an hour of brain storming, we ended up with three full sentences and six bullet points that we both agreed with. We broke for dinner and then returned to do some real hard editing. We cut and moved, trimmed and sliced all our words and thoughts then melded them together to craft this sentence that we believe answers the question...

"At Redberry Website Designs...Only we offer small businesses a professional web presence featuring a custom website design delivered with search engine optimized content, a uniquely branded corporate identity, social media engagement, local search optimization, search engine ranking and a branded video ad spot all hosted on a platform providing a fully integrated database, email marketing and unlimited eCommerce capacity supported by Redberry's ongoing maintenance at one low price and completed as one project."

We would love to hear your sentence that tells why your company is different from the competition and what is your unique value proposition. Take the challenge and post your comments.


Redberry Website Design provides online business solutions for small businesses, not just websites. Because we understand that the purpose of the website and even more so, your online branding and social media strategy is to introduce, reinforce and establish the credibility of you, your company and message, we offer a custom all inclusive website design, branding, social media marketing and maintenance package. Call us now at 770.783.0230 or click here to start your project today.

About the Author: Shafik Mansur is CEO and Director of Marketing of Redberry Services Redberry Designs. Redberry is an Agency that offers Branding, Website Development and Hosting Solutions and a full portfolio of business conversational marketing and brand identity solutions for small businesses. To learn more and to download FREE business tools and articles, as well as join their mailing list, visit the Redberry Services Redberry Designs website at You may print this article for personal use or republish it online only if it is left unaltered and in its entirety, including bylines, links and author information. Contact the author for all other permissions.

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