Research - Discovery - Analysis

  • Process of Discovery - getting clear about your business brand
  • Answering to questions like...What is your business? What do you sell? What are your services? Who is your customer? What is your niche? How do they find you? How do you find them?

Summary - Recommendations

Redberry Atlant Web Indentity

Summary, Analysis and Recommendations - We provide you with executive lelvel summary of initial evaluations and consultation session and results,findings and outcomes towards developing your brand identity, your brand's assets and implementation of the correct strategy and tactics to reach and engage your market.

Gathering - Creating Assets

Creative Content Redberry

This is where the creative work is performed and involves Gathering Assets, Creating Copy (written material), Audio, Video and imagery Content
A brand's assets are all the digital, print and created video, audio (podcasts), articles, images, whitepapers, blog posts, "tweets", Facebook messages, friends/ contacts/ connections, statuses, e-books, newsletters and all other media created to support and promote the brand.

What’s in a Brand's Identity

A product identity or brand image are typically the attributes one associates with a brand, but also how the brand owner wants the consumer to perceive the brand -

...and by extension the branded company, organization, product or service. The brand owner will seek to bridge the gap between the brand image and the brand identity. An identity system and identity guideline manual allow for the consistent use of the brand’s identity through all consumer touch-points—allowing a brand to be easily recognized and gain awareness in the marketplace. A brand identity creates an emotional connection, and reflects the brand positioning and desired image.


Redberry Services is committed to the sustainable success of small businesses.

To support this commitment, we have developed a series of brand identity social media marketing programs just for small business owners.

Through our brand asset development process we help you deliver tangible benefits to your prospects and customers by providing relevant content that helps provide solutions to some of the toughest problems they are facing. This type of content benefits your customers of course. And your customers will love it. Who wouldn’t? Relvant informative content also drives your revenues, and may ultimately be the most important and effective strategy/tactic available to you for successfully positioning your products and services. What is a brand's assets? Understanding Branding Assets

atlanta's best web designer Jannice
Our brand identity consultation process is comprised of Three Phases:

It starts with an analysis of the business needs and ends with the creation of your unique brand identity portfolio to be used in your online business website and marketing implementation project.

Phase I is the introduction, discovery, research and analysis of the marketing situation and results in the creation of a document that defines the brand concept strategy for your unique brand identity development.

Phase II is where the creative work is performed and involves gathering assets and creating assets for copy, audio, video and imagery communication of your message. Refinements and selection of the most effective and impactful work is done at this point. Lastly, the final assets are selected and brand identity guidelines are created.

The final phase of the consultation process is delivery of your unique Brand Identity Portfolio and consultation on next steps to getting you and your business successfully online with a fully customized website, online marketing social media strategy and fully integrated online business solution.

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