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Our mission

Delivering an exacting level of quality on value-added online business services built upon intuitive partner based relationships…

Our Values

As a business and as individuals, we value hard work, work-life balance, honesty, continual self-improvement and mutual respect. We are committed to our “partner” customers. We believe in building trusting strong relationships by consistently delivering exceptional service.

Our Goals

Our goal is to provide clients with expert online business branding and marketing solutions that free their time, allowing them to focus
on revenue-generating activities, ultimately helping them become more successful.

Our Community

We also know that giving back (time, effort and knowledge…) makes our community and world a better place. Redberry Designs provides an Online Business Solution. Our hosted and easy-to-use system is designed to meet your specific business needs - allowing you to focus on your goals, not mastering the technology behind it.

Online Marketing Consulting

The Integrated Branding and Marketing Strategy we provide gives you the tools to build a community, customer loyalty, and automate your customer service.

Our marketing solution ties together the most powerful aspects of being a small business and gives you the power to own your traffic there by owning your online presence puting you in control of creating lasting success today.

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Brand Identity Consulting

The branding strategy for your business needs to be strategically planned and implemented, Not having a well planned and implemented strategy behind your online business is the surest path to failure.

Let the our team help you develop a winning strategy to manage you brand identity online

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Website Design and Hosting

We provide online business solutions for small businesses, not just websites.

Because we understand that the purpose of the website and even more so, your branding strategy is to introduce, reinforce and establish the credibility of you, your organization and message, we offer a custom all inclusive website, branding, and maintenance package.

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Meet Our Team

The team at Redberry Services are consummate professionals, working collaboratively with you crafting and executing strategy, helping in your quest for a competitive advantage. As a client of Redberry, you benefit from improving your online content, increasing credibility, attracting and converting prospects into new customers resulting in successful online businesses.

Shafik Mansur
Owner and Director of Marketing 

Shafik is known for his expertise in the area of social media marketing, brand identity management, leadership branding for executives, personal and business brand development. Shafik develops custom programs that are tailored to meet the needs of each client.

Shafik offers practical, insightful and clear directions for implementing a workable plan for owning your online brand identity.  Read more

Jannice Boyd Almansur
Owner and Managing Director Redberry Services 

Jannice Almansur is the CEO and Managing Director of Redberry Support Services, LLC. Her brand identity and marketing management consulting agency offers a full portfolio of social media marketing and online brand identity management solutions.

Under the agency's website hosting and design division, Redberry Designs, they offer website design and development, hosting and maintenance, as well as desktop publishing services all specialized to meet the needs of small and single operator businesses. 
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Latest News

  • May 01
    Redberry Designs proudly announces the launch of a new site Spirit of Life Traditional Midwifery under the auspices of Sheila Simms Watson Licensed Florida Midwife. A case study in online brand identity management.

  • Apr 23

    Redberry Designs Print ad for UpwardAction

    Suburban Essex Magazine, April 2010 www.suburbanessexmagazine.com (continued from page 39) Essex Water Color Club Demonstration Colors, Shapes, & Lines Family Day Enjoy a day filled with discovery about colors, shapes, and lines in art and nature. Participate in art and science activities, try a scavenger hunt, watch films, and listen to stories in the galleries. .....
  • Feb 18
    K.Y. the Comeback Guy is how many know Kenneth J. Young, a professional speaker, host of the Internet radio show K.Y.'s Comeback Corner and CEO of transformational consulting firm. Case Study - K.Y.'s Comeback Corner

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