Uniquely well suited to small businesses budget friendly - does not take a large investment in fact many techniques are DYI. Removes barrios between you and your community. It is with friends, family, relatives, colleagues (your community). Being an expert resource within a niche (you do one thing and you do it well).

Conversational marketing is...

Marketing via online social media sites
  1. No cost for entry (they are free...sign-up and get started today)
  2. Topical relevant (extreme growth in user subscriptions: multi generational, ethnic, gender)
  3. Most relevant and popular (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Blogs i.e. Blogger and Word Press)
  4. Easy to use no special skills required
  5. Real-time - interactions (two-way communication) A two way interaction
  6. No location barriers
  7. Helps you drive qualified traffic back to your website.

Conversational marketing is...

Affordable and powerful with real measurable outcomes

As smaller organizations that do not have huge budgets that they can just trough money at every approach out there and see what sticks, it needs to be an effective budget friendly approach. Even choosing to work with a professional company to set-up sites, develop and manage strategy and maintain communities are affordable to most small budgets. If can't currently make investments, DIY options are plentiful, there is information everywhere on the web to help with most aspects of getting your business on the right track.

Conversational marketing is...

Helpful, educational, entertaining, relevant (timely)

The concept of marketing by real-time two way interactions allows you to capitalize on your expertise and passion about your subject. Instead of spending your time trying to attract clients by shouting at them with ads, you can engage them by providing what they need most...Help to get something done and education on how to do something, or even just by entertaining then or engaging them in relevant topical events.

Conversational marketing is...

Smart and requires planning and strategy

Conversational marketing is research, discovery, planning, strategy and implementation. This means that it is not a quick fix. You need to be in it for the long haul. With the exception of those of you that consider "Writer", "Video Producer", or "Spoken Word Artist" your profession, it will not be easy, but it will be worth it in the long-run. Through this approach you will build a portfolio of "Brand Assets" that would be the envy of any fortune 500 company, but they will be uniquely yours...uniquely your story.

Conversational marketing is...

Very specific and targeted to your ideal clients

Once you get clear on who is your ideal client , what they want or need, and how you can fill that need, then fulfill that gap with the information, resources, tips, tricks and how to's...In a word "content", then you will have under your control the best most powerful marketing approach of the 21st century.

Conversational Marketing Is Not... Learn more


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