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Guaranteed strategy to increase your website rankings.

by Shafik Mansur -

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Guaranteed strategy to increase your website rankings.A blog attracts both new visitors and search engines to your site. Providing fresh content on your blog can increase the frequency of search engine spider visits and this promotes the ranking of your site in search results as an authoritative web site.  Let’s explore this blogging a little further to see how it can help increase your traffic to your stie:

A blog attracts both new visitors and search engines to your site. Providing fresh content on your blog can increase the frequency of search engine spider visits and this promotes the ranking of your site in search results as an authoritative web site. The higher your site ranks in searches, the more likely qualified potential customers are to visit it and make a purchase or engage your services. Your blog simply makes your website easier to find. Your content in the blog is there to attract, acquire and engage customers. Here is a guaranteed approach to using keywords properly to increase search engine rankings of your website.

Your blog posts should not only be relevant to your business’ products, services or industry, they should make ample use of the important keywords that people associate with your business. A keyword is a word or phrase that relates to your niche. These keywords are used to search for your business on the internet. Google, for example, even provides tools to allow you to determine the best keywords related to your products or services.

These words should then be generously incorporated into your blog posts in a natural density that is both readable and logical. The subjects of your blog posts can be taken directly from your top keywords.  In addition, by working your location or business name into the blog post text, this will provide clear associations of your keywords to your location and/or business to the search engines.

Avoid over use of keywords by writing for humans. The complex algorithms that search engines use to rank sites have evolved to the point that simple keyword stuffing is considered an unethical practice because what you actually do is use the keyword in question throughout the text suspiciously often. Having in mind that the recommended keyword density is from 3 to 7%, anything above this, say 10% density starts to look very much like keyword stuffing and it is likely that will not get unnoticed by search engines. A text with 10% keyword density can hardly make sense, if read by a human. Google some time ago imposed a penalty for web pages that are keyword-stuffed and over-optimized in general; will result in lowered rankings. As long as your blog posts are written for humans to read and understand, then you should have little concern over possible ranking penalties for using keywords in your posts. A good rule though is to keep your keyword density around 2%. That percentage is for each keyword or phrase, not for all the keywords you might have in that post. If your keyword density is too high it can appear to the search engines that you are keyword stuffing. With the Google keyword tool, you can enter a few key phrases from your blog post and find out which terms are being searched, then nudge your post in that direction … go on, try it.  It’s fun.  There also is a tutorial to help you figure out how to use this tool and you can find it here.

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About the Author: Shafik Mansur is CEO and Director of Marketing of Redberry Services Redberry Designs. Redberry is an Agency that offers Branding, Website Development and Hosting Solutions and a full portfolio of business conversational marketing and brand identity solutions for small businesses. To learn more and to download FREE business tools and articles, as well as join their mailing list, visit the Redberry Services Redberry Designs website at You may print this article for personal use or republish it online only if it is left unaltered and in its entirety, including bylines, links and author information. Contact the author for all other permissions.

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