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A few words about Redberry Services

Redberry Services is an agency built out of a passion for making our clients the best that they can be. We are not a template mill nor are we driven by self promotion. We do not believe in the me, me, me marketing that alot of folks practice in the online social media marketing space.

We are small, but we are equally very high touch. We care too much about getting it right to worry about fads. The work matters to us and we are not strangers to working hard for our clients. We do the heavy lifting so that you can do your core business. Our folks don't fit the mold; we are creating our own way each day. We're thinkers driven by action. We are what every small business owner needs in order to compete. Our agency specializes in research, discovery, action, and implementation. We are not trying to change you only shine a bright light on your positive features. Like any lover of art would, we are bringing to bear the creativity; technology and strategic marketing supported by a world class platform all delivered in a complete partnership driven online business solution. |

Why We Blog?

Simply because we have so much to say...We are discovering so much new information every day, that even we find it hard to keep up with it all. So we know that our clients will find the resources we provide here helpful in making sense of it all. We specialize in working with small business owners, who have an overwhelming need for high quality professional marketing and branding solutions that are budget friendly.

Every day we monitor the many channels out there with excellent and valuable content, then consolidate the best of these messages and break them down into easily understandable tips, resources and how-tos. So when we say that we do the heavy lifting for you, this is an example of what we are talking about. Our value to our clients, and really to anyone that comes in contact with us is our ability to listen, comprehend, quickly find resources that support your needs and to act as a guide in implementation. Our gift to ourselves is being a gift to others. Here in the "Berry Patch" blog we share resources and information on everything from marketing, branding, online presence development and management, social media, and website strategies that are uniquely well suited for small businesses.

Why We are in Business?

Shafik Mansur is my husband and business partner.  We started this agency out of a desire to make a difference in and to connect with our local area.  He has always had an excellent eye for new trends in art, music and is a historian with a love of great music and languages.

 I, on the other hand, tend to be a consummate workaholic. I truly get excited by creating a great plan, laying out a project and strategic plan.  It may sound a little odd to others, but to each his own.  Our concept for Redberry Designs and Redberry Services is all-about providing a comprehensive solution for small businesses.  In many ways we want to provide for our clients the affordable high quality solutions that we had wished were available to us as a small business owners.  

So here we have combined a solution that takes into consideration branding, marketing  and providing more that just a website, but more so a  full service hosting platform with a powerful completely integrated database, content management, eCommerce and email marketing solution.  We give you as a small business operator the powerful tools to level the playing field, allowing you to compete with the big guys...We put you back in control of creating lasting success! 

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