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We are always delighted to share information with our clients and friends that will help in making sense of branding and marketing yourself, your business or your organizations. We specialize in working with small business owners, who have an overwhelming need for high quality professional marketing and branding solutions that are budget friendly. In this newsletter, we share resources and information on everything from marketing, branding, online presence development and management, social media, and website strategies that are uniquely well-suited to small businesses. We understand that the improvement process never ends. It requires committing to self growth and education. You’re going to love being part of "The Conversation", and we love having you...


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Findability! It's all about building a resource rich community

Learn how the right community building strategy helped "The Miami Midwife" transform her five page website into a powerful online midwifery village. Spirit of Life Traditional Midwifery, llc  is the creation of Miami midwife Sheila Simms Watson, LM, CPM.

This successful, very well respected and beloved Florida licensed midwife has been assisting women in home birth and water birth for over 15 years. Her existing website had outdated graphics, missing pages and a low visibility in search engines which made marketing and branding results equally inadequate. Her website simply did not portray her as the knowledgeable birthing expert that she is. Sheila related to us during our initial discussions that she was looking grow from practicing midwifery to a more instructional and advocacy role in midwifery.

Her existing site was clearly not the vehicle for her ambitions with so few resources and not having a... Continue reading

How To

Share your content in real-time

by Jannice Almansur

Sharing a great story, resource, tip or how to article with your clients and community has never been easier. Thanks to a growing number of blog, photo-sharing, and social networking websites, such as blogger, Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, YouTube, and Your Own Blog on Your Own Redberry Online Business Solution website, clients, prospects, friends and family no longer have to wait until you get home to hear about your tips and resources. Video on creating blogs on Redberry Design... Read more

Is Your Website
Working Against You? 

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Featured Article: Do you need to clean up your act?

by Shafik Mansur

Unless you're a trust fund baby, or maybe Amy Winehouse, you probably care very much what people think about you and the impression that you make when people meet you.

You may be a well respected professional in your community, a college student nearing graduation or perhaps a small business owner trying to grow your business and network, your future success is very likely going to be influenced to a large degree by those immediate impressions that prospective customers or employers have when they interview you or inquire about your services or product.

Finely crafted resumés and well polished LinkedIn pages are very important, but what do you look like on Facebook? or in a Google search? Have you been tagged in photos on your friends’ pages at a party where things may have gotten a bit wild? Are there posts directly attributable to you that reveal your intense dislike for another person or company? Or perhaps you have been active in web forums posting on controversial topics? Are there photos or even videos of you that show you in a less than professional manner?

In the increasing flurry of participation in social media, and the often unrestrained sharing of personal information...

photos, videos, thoughts, reactions and general commentary, some people are forgetting one critical thing…what happens on the Internet, stays on the Internet.

Just about everything that you blog about, comment on, or post online lingers in digital vaults ready to reemerge at the command of the correct search term!

A recent survey by CareerBuilder.com shows that 53% of employers use social networking sites to screen candidates as part of the hiring process. You can rest assured that your customers and clients are doing the same before engaging you and your services and products.

Now, before panic sets in, there are steps that you can take to remove the unsavory items that people may be finding and there are methods to reduce the chances of again being victim of a bad online reputation. In short, you need to clean up your act using the three step process of Repair, Restrict and Replace.

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