What is SEO-Friendly Content or SEO Copywriting?

It’s a given that no site can get lots of traffic (and therefore, earn money) without content. All content, no matter how poorly presented, will contain certain keywords and phrases which appear throughout. It is these repeating words and phrases that draw the attention of search engines.

Suppose a Web savvy entrepreneur wants to create a highly popular site about Charlie Sheen, a topic which offers a lot of competition. Why not pull one over on the search engines, and fill the site with content that features her name over and over? “Charlie Sheen rants Charlie Sheen watch Charlie Sheen gossip Charlie Sheen Charlie Sheen!” This sort of content may be decidedly rich in the important keywords, but there is very little meat for users to wrap their interest around. Not only will this sort of content disappoint readers; it won’t trick the search engines. Those savvy little sites actually know how to scan for readable, sensible content -- meaning that content which only offers barely strung-together words won’t make the cut.

True SEO-friendly content is rich in not only keywords and phrases, but offers an easy read for the average Internet user. There’s a fine line to walk with search engines, and it’s important to make sure words appear frequently - but naturally - within text. For every 400 words, it’s a good idea to include keywords and keyword phrases at least twice throughout. SEO-friendly content will also have bold headings and subheadings which feature those same keywords and phrases.


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