What is Copy Writing?


Copywriting is the use of words and ideas to promote a personbusinessopinion or idea. Although the word copy may be applied to any content intended for printing (as in the body of a newspaper article or book), the term copywriter is generally limited to promotional situations, regardless of the medium (as advertisements for print, televisionradio or other media). 

The purpose of marketing copy, or promotional text, is to persuade the reader, listener or viewer to act—for example, to buy a product or subscribe to a certain idea.

Copy writing for websites is generally designed to provide higher rankings in search engines. This is known as "organic" search engine optimization (SEO), and involves the strategic placement and balanced repetition of researched keywords and keyword phrases on web pages, writing content in a manner that is friendly and useful for human readers. 

All Redberry Website Design created websites contain copy or content that has been carefully written with the client's most valuable keywords in mind to promote their ranking and findability in Internet searches and do not utilize keyword stuffing or other "black hat" SEO techniques.


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